About Us


Established in 2009 as KMC Grup, it continues to provide services to its customers with leading representatives in the Electronics sector and to offer its developing technologies to its customers successfully. As of today KMC serves above 500 customers in Turkiye & Middle East successfully with their 35 employees It is a young, dynamic team that adopts their actions in honest behaviour with principled solutions together with their manufacturing machinery, turnkey solutions, consumables, spare parts, technical service services, as well as producers, to the companies who have electronic production.

KMC Grup is focused on the development of its customers by focusing on customers satisfaction and offering high-value, value-added products with its commitment to the environment, human and society, its commitment with the business ethics.

They continue to grow with new brands added to the company for microelectronics, clean rooms and photovoltaic solutions.

KMC Elektronik division is established in 2011 by entering to the Electronic market with the supply of components, providing fast and reliable solutions for active / passive component supply, and established long-term business partnerships in a short time.

With the young dynamic staff of the “FILTER GROUP” which is a very promising step in KMC progress and joined in 2016, we have established both domestic and international sales networks in a short time by manufacturing all types of industrial filters suitable for the needs.


  • Growth: Acting with developing technologies, getting to know and introduce these technologies
  • Brand: To be a preferred brand by working with leading companies in the world that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Innovation: Providing innovative services by prioritizing creativity in all demands and investments
  • Customers: Being a brand with our sales and after sales products and services
  • Employees: Being a part of the process and managing the processes with excellent team colleagues in the human resources process is to be the most preferred company by providing benefits to our employees.

KMC Grup will always be with you while shaping our customers today, tomorrow and future,. For this reason, it is a company that renews itself, by thinking creatively and developing more and more every day on the way to celebrate the fifteen year in the market

The world is changing and changing in every area. In order to continue to develop as a business in the coming years, we must look to the future, understand the trends and forces that will crate our business in the future, and act quickly to prepare for the future for our customers. We must be prepared for tomorrow from today.

For the KMC Grup, which will celebrate our 15th year in 2024, our vision is to be able to achieve this for all our customers, knowing that it is to fully develop, to renew and to progress for the better. In order to achieve this, it is a success for us to be a part of the "Road Map" together with our dynamic staff and growing group companies.